Understand climate threats
and secure your business.

KlimaTool is a comprehensive solution to assess credit risk under multiple climate scenarios. It helps you to:

KlimaTool is a link between climate change and credit risk.

The world is facing significant climate changes, which influence the business operations of companies on a global scale. SMEs are particularly vulnerable,
as they operate with limited assets and are more easily influenced by
fluctuations in the supply chain, deliverability of raw materials, etc. which reflect increased credit risk.

How it works?

KlimaTool is focused on the Western Balkans, assessing physical and transition risks. The solution evaluates floods, extreme weather, avalanches, water shortages, fires, regulatory framework, technology, market presence, and reputation. It provides insights into the macro environment, supply chain sustainability, and process feasibility, tailored for the region.

Data Integrity

We maintain 100% ownership of raw data to ensure its reliability.

Enhanced Transparency

Access to underlying data assets provides a higher level of transparency.

Real-time Delivery

Data is promptly delivered through secure technology, enabling efficient and up-to-date analysis.

Actionable Insights

Businesses are equipped with valuable insights to effectively utilize reports.

Our vision

We support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and the financial sector in the Western Balkans to build a sustainable future. Transparent, consistent, and accessible data is crucial for directing capital towards businesses that have a positive impact. KlimaTool ensures that sustainability data is widely available and comparable for everyone involved. Our solution provides real-time information, empowers companies to have control over their own data, and promotes transparency.

Understand climate threats and secure
your business.

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If your main goal is business growth and the stability of your business, then understanding climate threats and securing your business should be a priority. To work effectively, you need a tool to assess credit risk under multiple climate scenarios.

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